Previously dr—death. Wanted to have a new fresh start so follow me here. I promise, it will be a lot of better later than its now.



Previously dr—death. Wanted to have a new fresh start so follow me here. I promise, it will be a lot of better later than its now.

Fandoms are special. We squeal, freak out, and cry together. One day in the future, you might just be working in your 9-to-5 office, lazing away the day. Something will spark in your memory, and you’ll type in that familiar URL. The blogs you never unfollowed will be untouched and pristine on your dash. Many of your friends have grown up as well, but you still can’t help but look at all the people you used to talk to all those years ago. Things will come flooding back, and you’ll remember those years spent on your computer, laughing and yelling and agreeing as people just went crazy. You’ll remember those nights you spent up all night with your friend, talking about the traits of a certain character, or how great it would be if this or that happened. You’ll recall those awesome blogs you always admired. You’ll feel a brief moment of nostalgia. You’ll click back to your dash- it’s empty now. Without a moment’s hesitation, you’ll go and type out, “Hey, is anyone out there?”, and just like all those years ago, you’ll eagerly await a response.

Okey so I think it’s my time to leave tumblr.
This just doesn’t make sense anymore. I love all the fandoms and stuff and everything, but I just don’t have enough time. And no one cares about me here, so it’s not a huge loss if I leave. No one ever messages me, no one wants to be my friend etc. It’s boring to be alone. I don’t even get anons hate.
I can edit, I no I can but I just don’t have any inspiration. And no one gives me an inspiration because I don’t ever get requests. So yeah, maybe I’m pathetic or something, but I really think I’m done.

Maybe someday I’ll be back, maybe not. You can always message me if you (like no one really cares…).

Demi is brunette, Selena is back on Disney, Miley’s been recording and Justin is single. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back in 2009.





and the jonas brothers are back

well fuck


this is great

→ 2.01 - We Need Another Hero

  • Getting asks isn’t a regular thing, I still smile when I see Messages (1).
  • People don’t reblog me ASAP. Sure, I get reblogged 20 or 30 notes, if I’m lucky.
  • I don’t get asked for pictures of me.
  • People don’t ask me for requests.
  • I don’t have a lot to offer.
  • most of my blog is 99.9% reblogs 
  • I LOVE every little follower of mine 


according to USA Today, the average tumblr user spends 2.5 hours a month on tumblr


more like 2.5 hours a day

more like 2.5 hours an hour

2.5 hours an hour

reblogging for this ^ 

  • saying 'i can't even' to a non-tumblr user
  • me: i can't even
  • them: are you gonna finish that sentence?

“You know when you’re doing a jigsaw puzzle and the piece looks like it should fit exactly, but it doesn’t? You try to squeeze it in, but you know it’s not the right piece. But you’re lazy, so you leave that piece there. You really should find the right piece - and she’s the right piece.” - Ellen on Portia.